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wastingdaylights said: top 5 star wars characters!

haha oh! i wish i’d read the expanded universe because i’m sure this would be a lot more interesting (i should get on that) if i had done that (well i think i read a bunch of young jedi knights books but i only remember that i liked the solo twins and the girl that lost her hand :P)

anyways! without order:

  1. Leia, because PRINCESS AND ALSO BADASS.
  2. Han Solo, duh. How can you not love him?
  3. Padme because again, BADASS LADY. (I don’t like the prequel movies much except for her also i have a lot of nostalgic!love for the phantom menace I KNOW IT’S AWFUL BUT I CAN’T HELP IT).
  4. Luke, he’s just so nice.
  5. Obi-Wan/Ben!
  1. wastingdaylights said: i haven’t read those either. LOVE YOUR LIST. (random-ish question BUT IT IS KIND OF RELATED: have you seen spaced? i’ll explain why you should if you haven’t. :D)
  2. sendricamp said: Jaina Solo is my spirit animal. You need to read the New Jedi Order series and the Fate Of The Jedi series. Both ones had me reading the books over and over. Absolutely amazing.
  3. queenofattolia said: SOLO TWINS AND TENEL KA!!!!! Sorry about that! Your list is awesome!
  4. incomprehensiblelentils said: poor Padme was such a wasted character :(
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