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I present you: Eurovision 2013

Eurovision is the best fucking thing in the world ok


some reasons you should read the engelsfors books

  • it’s about a group of teenage girls who find out they are witches and have to defend the world against demons. but they’re really rubbish at it!!!
  • it’s contemporary fantasy which is specifically exciting for me personally because i don’t like historical fantasy, but who doesn’t like withces who use cell phones and the internet?? nobody, that’s who
  • the story is told from the point of view of different characters and they are all equally interesting to read, which never happens! like not only did i not hate any of the chapters, but i honestly never felt that familiar sense of dissapointment you usually feel when your favourite pov chapter ends and you have to read a couple of others to get to the one you like best again. because they are all amazing!
  • the books talk a lot about good vs. evil but they don’t suck at it, i wanna talk about this a lot but don’t want to spoil everything, but let’s just say i really enjoyed some (or like, all) of the narrative choices wrt this
  • the girls are very different and come from very different backgrounds but the narrative treats them all with respect and gives them equal attention
  • they all have well developed and complicated relationships with their families!!! which is something i’m super into
  • girls!!!! girls. it’s about girls. some of the girls become unlikely friends (which you expect from the start is going to happen, but it’s not forced at all. it’s good). some of the girls are really gay for each other
  • the narrative reverses a lot of shitty gendered literary tropes. like the one where a girl dies just to provide motive for the main dude character. also many others.
  • there are not many dudes in this story at all. like i’m pretty sure it just straight up fails the reverse bechdel test (as in, i can’t think of a scene where two dude characters talk about something other than a woman)
  • if you were ever a teenage girl i can almost guarantee you are going to overidentify with at least one of the characters and you are going to cry about it
  • read them!!!! read these books and talk to me about them


today’s been the first proper warm day in finland this year

men walking around shirtless

women sunbathing in bikinis

everyone complaining about how hot it is

it’s 17°C

back from prague kind of sick very tired but all in all happy!! fun times!! prague is beautiful and you should go and vera is awesome (:D :D :D) and yes!!!

So tomorrow I first have a huge exam and then a couple of hours later I’m going to prague! I’ll be back on tuesday but until then I have very limited internet access jsyk. :)


I’m So Desperate For This Pairing I’m Rereading Badfic: the autopsy of my dignity 


Day 10 of 16: Favorite Hand Moment(s)

inmyextrasmallwhitet said: what do you think about willow rosenberg? (oh gosh i realize she's a bit of a sensitive subject in this fandom so if you don't wanna answer don't!!)


oh god

my feelings about willow are somewhat complicated and not something i’ve talked about publicly before, but i will try and here’s hoping that i won’t make both people who like willow and people who hate her want to punch me in the face

(also keep in mind that it’s been a while since i’ve done a full rewatch of btvs, so i could totally be wrong about anything)

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