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So tomorrow I first have a huge exam and then a couple of hours later I’m going to prague! I’ll be back on tuesday but until then I have very limited internet access jsyk. :)


I’m So Desperate For This Pairing I’m Rereading Badfic: the autopsy of my dignity 


Day 10 of 16: Favorite Hand Moment(s)

inmyextrasmallwhitet said: what do you think about willow rosenberg? (oh gosh i realize she's a bit of a sensitive subject in this fandom so if you don't wanna answer don't!!)


oh god

my feelings about willow are somewhat complicated and not something i’ve talked about publicly before, but i will try and here’s hoping that i won’t make both people who like willow and people who hate her want to punch me in the face

(also keep in mind that it’s been a while since i’ve done a full rewatch of btvs, so i could totally be wrong about anything)

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Artist: Veronica Maggio
Title: Sergels torg

Sergels torg - Veronica Maggio

internet is FINALLY BACK at my place omg it was gone since friday it’s been awful

today i touched a placenta, that was cool


DONE! No more! This team is TOO GOOD. And I took it one step FURTHER and added text….and quotes…and a LOGO! I even re-drew Wonder Woman because something was off about the old version. And I went with The Outsiders, because (1) DC doesn’t currently have an Outsiders team (2) Its better than any other ‘old’ team names in DC and (3) I’m lazy about naming things…its happens.